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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

RIP 1/2: Mclusky

Mclusky - To Hell With Good Intentions - Epitonic.com (they might require your email address before you download).

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

If you don't know already, one of the greatest not really welsh welsh bands ever split up Monday. This is probably their best single. Which none of you bought.

No, no of you bought this because you were, at the time, wanking off over copies of The Strokes 'Is This It?' or The Datsun's or whatever was in vogue at the time. Oh, the Vines. They were loud and stuff. They shouted. What they didn't do was COMPLETELY FUCKING DESTROY. Like Mclusky.

Famously (?) described by playlouder as
Nirvana-with-a-nuke-up-their-ass, Mclusky's typical songs were masterful liberal angry whinges plus a very, very good bassist. And its very, very funny. Not as in Bloodhound Gang 'funny', but amusing funny. Listen to Do Dallas. Its one of the best punk albums released in the last few years. Its both amusing, noisy, uses questionable swearing and, at its best moments, is fucking angular-mental-fast. If you're at all familiar with Steve Albini's work, you will be best pleased. Which isn't too much of a conincidence, as Albini produced their last two albums, and was heard to call them "the UK band eva", he was.

Falco is being tight-lipped about his next project. I look forward to hearing from him soon.


  • second comment for you for the day. am also agrieved at mclusky's passing, as i was too thick to go and see them when they toured last.any band that so obviously hated themselves and those around them must have been excellent live.

    By Blogger howard, at 5:13 PM  


    And I missed them 2 months back when they FINALLY came to Los Angeles.

    First Chokebore, now Mclusky...

    By Blogger Frank Realitos, at 5:21 PM  

  • mclusky are so fucking great, never got a chance to see them live, we can all just hope that some brilliant projects come out of this from the band. They will be remembered, for some reason it reminds me of the office.. stopping after two seasons.
    bah, i gotta go to bed
    i really like the blog you got going on here!
    luv idleheart

    By Blogger idleheart, at 2:10 PM  

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