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Monday, December 13, 2004

Don't do it for the plays or to raise the bar, yeah it's raised anyway so amazing are the three LI brothers from the other way of thinking.

De La Soul - Rock Co. Kane Flow

What can I say about the De La. The greatest hip hop act ever. Easily. So good they should have a genre all to themselves. From the laid back teenage excitement and wisdom beyond their years of the massive cross over album "3 feet high and rising" to this year's triumphant mix of flavours "The Grind Date" they have consistently innovated, changed direction and challenged their audience's expectations. Each album sounds distinctive, packed with different sounds and textures and styles, but always with an intellegence bereft in most of popular music.

This track comes from the Grind Date. The critical acclaim that this album has been received with appears to be almost universal, as a quick search reveals. The only thing I would disagree with is the suggestion that this is somehow a return to form. Their previous album Bionix has one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time on it (there you go, two de la soul tracks in one post...) and is packed with memorable tunes.

They've definately put out tracks I haven't been into, indeed there are a couple (well, one) on The Grind Date, but the scope and quality of their back catalogue makes them stand out as being genuine innovators - continually growing and changing and making incredible music.


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    If I may I would like to include here the lyrics from the last verse of "Held Down" (one of your favourite hip hop tracks of all time, see article link)


    So quick to place blame.. and deny the shame we bring upon ourselves
    So many names held accountable for my own account
    When a large amount was weight - that I made and shaped
    When I climbed I found
    It was hard to find others around to point my fingers at
    Which made me realize the truth
    The biggest supressor could be your own ego lookin for an excuse
    to plant roots, in a field of self-sorrow
    to sprout and follow the first thing you feel nourishes your hunger to be respected
    It gets hectic
    And when I'm watchin the news, and my daughter walks in
    and choose to ask, "Why were all those people on the floor
    sleepin, covered in red?" I told her
    that they were lookin for God, but found religion instead


    This gist of this song seems to be about feeling let down, frustrated and generally "Held Down" by people who you feel are not treating you correctly either through lack of respect, betrayal, letting you down etc.

    What is interesting is how this verse departs from the other 2 verses and the chorus and talks about taking personal responsibiliy and recognising to what extent we are responsible for our progress or the lack of.

    Sorru, but if you are going to talk de la soul, then i'm probably going to get involved.

    By the way, anybody who thinks "hip hop? but I dont like hip hop......", just forget that and check this out. It only called "hip hop" for want of a better phrase.

    Ok, Im done.

    By Blogger a stranger, at 2:04 PM  

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