Louder Than War

Thursday, December 16, 2004

You ain't going to Nirvana, or far-vana, you're coming straight back here to live out your karma

Faithless - Mass Destruction

Dance scene legends Faithless are responsible for two of the most genre defining and well loved anthems of all time, Insomnia and God is a DJ. But there's a lot more to them than barn storming dance classics as this tune proves.

A lot of art is made in protest and a lot of is it good, but good art which really touches the central issues of our times is a rare treat and this, for me, is one such example. The tune alternates (I think) between the story of a young boy whose father goes off to war and an over-arching look at the reasons behind wars, with an emphasis on the fact that the real problems in our world are caused by people's mixed motivations and self-serving tendencies. They hold fear, greed, racism, inaction and especially "a wicked mind" to be weapons of mass destruction, and I couldn't agree more...

This tune comes of the album No Roots which is notable for being entirely written in the key of C.

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