Louder Than War

Monday, December 13, 2004

I like you mostly late at night

Life Without Buildings - The Leanover

Sadly Glaswegian art-punk quartet Life Without Buildings split up a few years ago, before I discovered them. Do not fear though, we still have the Slits/ESG/PIL genius of the album 'Any Other City' to remember them by,

The thing about Life Without Buildings that grabs you is the vocals. Sue Tompkins yelps, squeals and whispers her way through what is seemingly a random stream of consciousness.

Phrases and unfinished sentences are repeated over and over before morphing into something else entirely. At times it's almost as if a small child was brought in to do the vocals rather than a singer.

Difficult to pin down, she reminds me a bit of Bjork. But in the indie division, the only comparison I can think of would be Blonde Redhead.

Musically I think if you were so inclined, you could describe them as possessing an angular jangle or perhaps even jangular....?


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