Louder Than War

Friday, December 17, 2004

They bulit portholes for Bono so he could gaze across the bay and sing about mountains

Whipping Boy - We Don't Need Nobody Else

Lust, revenge, sex, violence and mental illness, all in a days work for Whipping Boy.

Imagine if their fellow Irish four-piece U2 wrote songs that actually tried to say something, rather than just being full of empty bombast. Imagine if Shane McGowan could still string a sentence together.

Frontman Feargal McKee is a mixture of McGowan and Nick Cave, with a bit of Syd Barrett thrown in for good measure.

This particular track is from the stunning second album 'Heartworm' and deals with alcoholism and domestic violence. Not particuarly upbeat stuff and perhaps why it was almost universally ignored when it was released in the knees up party Britpop days of 1995.

The band won a host of awards in their native Ireland after the release of 'Heartworm', before being abruptly dropped by Sony.

The decision effectively destroyed the band and they limped towards a third release before splitting shortly afterwards. It was a sad end for an at times brilliant band. Judge for yourself.


  • I like this Whipping Boy track, but I can't get past the speak-sing vocals. Is everything like this? Musically and dynamically it's very enjoyable, but the spoken word style delivery starts to grate...the choruses are great, though.

    By Blogger Frank Realitos, at 10:54 PM  

  • Hello Frank. Thanks for the comment. I chose this song because I consider it one of their most powerful, but he does sing (a sort of croon) in most of the songs. I might post another Whipping Boy track after Xmas, or if you email me at philhuxATanimail.net, I can send you over a couple by email.



    By Blogger Phill, at 3:20 PM  

  • I loved Whipping Boy so much I became obsessive, I still listen to Heartworm at least once a fornight, usually in the car, it's the kind of music that makes me feel like I'm a reformed alcoholic mobster in an gritty American road movie, and that's a great feeling! I think you all need to listen to it to vaugely understand what I mean, rather than just thinking I am insane!

    By Anonymous bella, at 3:49 PM  

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