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Monday, March 28, 2005

The sound of the underground

MC Pitman - Pitman Says
Mc Pitman on the Giles Peterson show

Have you ever thought The Streets were just too mainstream and polished? - then MC Pitman is for you. The foul mouthed tea and biscuits obsessed northern ex-miner raps about "proper tea the way it should be" - and a good plate of chips and beans. Is he real? Is it all just an elaborate joke? Well it's up to you and if you want to believe...

Pitman on tea: "On average I drink about ten cups of tea a day, I just like tea, biscuits come as a bonus to enhance the tea experience, people can relate to a good cup of tea, it's what we do, unless you're a coffee twat"

Pitman on derelict mines: "We should use closed mines as nightclubs. To get in the club you have to be dirty - there would be no alcohol served, just tea. Bring your own biscuits 'cause you can't have mine"

Pitman on why he releases 7" singles: “Seven inch records fit in my work bag better than 12's. A flask, pack of biscuits and some wax, and soap.”


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