Louder Than War

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Good old Sunday morning, bells are ringing everywhere

The Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky

Well, I heard this tune for the very first time today, and I thought I'd break with LTW tradition (such as it is) by posting a bona-fide Country Rock classic...I figure if I've never heard it before, lots of other people won't either. I came across it thanks to a random torrent, a collection of someone's idea of the 100 greatest guitar solos ever (bt client of some kind required if you're interested). Most famous here for the Top Gear tune, the Allman Brother's Band are new to me, but very much not new...and this lovely laid back love song is perfect for anyone who's up for a bit o' middle-of-the-road class...

Who says we don't cater to all tastes?


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