Louder Than War

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Reba Hasko - Berlin piano chanteuse

Hello - remember me?

So, Reba Hasko then. She's from Berlin, she's a bit Goth - what's not to like?

Hasko has a classical background and lived in New York and San Francisco, before moving to Berlin. She's experimental with a touch of Brechtian cabaret about her and a very distinctive style.

She's got an album called Live at Studio 43 - It's lush, it's otherworldly, it's vocally startling and most of all ot feels like she's singing directly to you straight through the speakers.

Yes she plays piano - but don't let the Tori Amos comparisons put you off (if indeed they do...).

You can listen to some Reba Hasko tracks on her myspace page and here at CDbaby, where you can also buy her CD.

What are you waiting for?